Weekly 28 inspiration

Polywork https://www.polywork.com/mannyThis product got my interest, because you can create a timeline of everything you’re working and worked on. It can be a design, podcast or a speaking engagement for example.

Growth vs fixed mindset

Lately, I’m working on doing more in less time. In working smarter and not harder. Especially now that I’ve kids and have less time than I did when I was in my 20’s. In search of valuable content, I’ve bumped into live streams of people who’re working or studying 12 hours a day. This is… Lees verder Growth vs fixed mindset


Execute every idea Even the bad ones You may be surprisedd. Rick Rubin

Filling gaps

When you notice you’ve got no knowledge about a subject, but you think it’s valuable for you to have knowledge about. Create an action for yourself to learn about it and the next time this subject comes forward, participate and learn. These moments are valuable for you to grow. We tent to read books or… Lees verder Filling gaps

Keeping track

Growth is something I struggled with all my life. I never created a clear plan or set goals, and when I set goals I never completed them. I want to improve on that. Now that i’ve a family, i’m thinking much more about how and why I spend my time with clear intent. I’d love… Lees verder Keeping track